Noel Gallagher hits back at brother Liam over U2 diss

ICONINSIDER — Noel Gallagher has hit back at his brother Liam after he blasted U2 as a “bunch of beige f***s”.
The 50-year-old star – who is opening up for U2 on their ‘Joshua Tree Tour’ this summer – has cheekily responded to his sibling’s put downs with a hilarious statement released on his Twitter account.
He wrote: “We are pretty much ready. The tunes have been given a good polish. Everyone has been reacquainted. We have new members! We are very much looking forward to seeing old friends and maybe making some new ones but what we are most excited about is sampling the delights of The U2 Catering Experience … widely regarded as THE MOST superior catering experience anywhere in the music business … see you out front (sic)”
Noel then ended his statement by poking fun at his brother’s trademark Twitter sign off, ‘as you were LG’.
He added: “AS YOU WEREN’T … KISS-KISS … NH (sic)”
It comes after Liam slammed the ‘With or Without You’ hitmakers.
When asked by a fan on Twitter if he would be heading to Twickenham Stadium this weekend to watch U2 and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in action, Liam launched into one of his tirades.
The fan tweeted: “Are you going to see U2 at the weekend? If you are, catch the support act, I’m hearing good things about them.”
To which Liam replied: “I’d rather eat my own s**t than listen to them bunch of beige f***s as you were …
“It’s good to be back never went away you clowns just got the tools now to shine a light on you FAKES …
“Not scared of bingo and his naff band you can’t bull s**t a bulls***ter ain’t that the edge … Beware of bongos farts ha ha (sic)”

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