Naomi Watts says everyone has ‘dark thoughts’

ICONINSIDER — Naomi Watts believes all human beings “live with fantasies and dark thoughts”.
The 48-year-old actress stars as therapist Jean Holloway – who develops intimate relationships with people in her patients’ lives – in the new Netflix drama ‘Gypsy’ and she has admitted to relishing her latest on-screen role.
Naomi shared: “I thought from the first read that this was going to be a great part.
“I never get bored of my character. She’s always reinventing herself and trying to live the perfect life.
“It’s okay that she’s not that likeable. It’s a cautionary tale. She’s living this life. We all live with fantasies and dark thoughts and it’s just about what do we do with it.”
The Oscar-nominated star also revealed she’s proud of the show’s strong female influence, with Sam Taylor-Johnson having helmed the first two episodes of the series and there being a number of female leads, too.
Speaking on ITV’s ‘Lorraine’, Naomi explained: “There’s a lot of girl power. Sam Taylor-Johnson directed the first two episodes. Women come up with great stuff together.
“It emphasises the fact that women represent 50 percent of the population – we’re just an interesting as men.
“What I liked about it is that so often these characters are played by men – when they’re both good and bad. It’s rare for women to be both of those things.”
Meanwhile, Naomi insisted she doesn’t have any immediate plans to try her hand at directing, saying she’s too indecisive for the job.
She reflected: “I don’t know about directing. I’m not good about making decisions.
“I like the idea of putting people together and singling out material. I do trust my instincts for the most part. I do have a mind that thinks like that – maybe I can team up with someone.”

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