Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson separated after smooch

ICONINSIDER — Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson have been split up and sent to different countries for their new dating show after they were spotted skinny-dipping together.
The 25-year-old beauty and the former Union J singer are both signed to star in ‘Single AF’, which will see them go on a series of dates with people in Mexico and document their experiences on social media, but bosses have decided to make some last minute changes after they were caught on camera locking lips with each other.
A source told The Sun Online: “After seeing the skinny-dipping pictures MTV have decided enough is enough and have split up Casey and Marnie by sending them to different countries. They’ve been recruited by the show to go on dates, not to get with one another and enjoy a free holiday. This is a brand new format for MTV and the team are working really hard on it, so hopefully they’ll both start taking the show seriously now and give the audience what they want.”
Casey revealed last week, before the show launched, that he was attracted to Marnie and had already started flirting with the brunette beauty.
He said: “I fancy Marnie! She’s hot. She’s up for the craic, I hate girls that are too heavy – I just want someone I can have a laugh with!”
And Casey claimed that Marnie was also attracted to him.
The hunk – who was previously dating Betsy Blue-English – said: “I think Marnie is so fit. I know she fancies me! We’ve been talking a bit – when we found out we’ve been doing the show we started texting and now we’re texting a bit. But we haven’t done anything because we wanted to save it. We’ve been talking quite a lot.”

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