Lucy Mecklenburgh rules out TOWIE return

ICONINSIDER — Lucy Mecklenburgh won’t return to ‘The Only Way is Essex’.
The 25-year-old reality star quit the fly-on-the-wall show in 2013 after three years and though she still has fond memories of her stint on the programme, she insists it is a part of her life that is now over.
Asked if she’d ever go back, she said: “Probably not. I love the show and it was a massive part of my life, but I don’t see myself going back. That chapter of my life has closed now.”
Since leaving the show, Lucy has reinvented herself as a fitness expert and she admits she was inspired to overhaul her lifestyle after seeing some unflattering holiday photos.
She reca;;ed: “I exercised a lot when I was younger – at school I was really into sports and dance and stuff – but then I didn’t do anyting for years.
“Then, I remember going on holiday to Mexico about four or five years ago and I was papped.
“I wasn’t particularly big but I wasn’t in shape. I had no muscle definition and cellulite.
“I just felt a bit disgusting. At the time, I was eating doughnuts for breakfast. I knew when I got home, I needed to make a change.
“My face was quite puffy because I was drinking a lot of alcohol while filming ‘TOWIE’. But it wasn’t even the way I looked.
“I just felt like I didn’t have any energy in the morning. I didn’t feel great about myself and I knew I needed to do something about it.”
Lucy still receives criticism about her figure on social media, but she’s learned to ignore the cruel comments.
She told heat magazine: “I’m definitely more tolerant to it but it’s still hurtful.
“You’re never going to win – people tell me I’m too fat, and people tell me I’m too thin. But no one is perfect – what even is perfect? You just have to let it go over your head.”

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