Love Island’s Marcel and Gabby hit the rocks

ICONINSIDER — ‘Love Island’s only official couple Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen’s relationship has hit the rocks.
The cracks started to show between the pair during Thursday night’s (06.07.17) show after Gabby discovered a picture of Marcel putting his hand on a girl’s knee during his time in the other villa, Casa Amor.
When she showed him the picture, he fumed: “It’s a picture. What are you doing to yourself? Are you going to start digging me out on everything now?”
And heading into the Beach Hut, Marcel admits he is “slightly annoyed” by what just happened.
He said: “I’m slightly annoyed by this whole situation that is going on today. Gabs is lovely, she’s so cool but I don’t know why the last few days she’s been a bit different. She’s not been chilled and relaxed.
“She’s been a bit uptight about everything and I don’t know why she feels like that because everyone in this whole villa knows that I’m the most loyal person in here I never want to do anything to hurt her.”
Elsewhere on the show, Chris Hughes and Olivia Atwood’s relationship was also put to the test
Olivia told him: “You don’t get me and you never will get me and I’m trying to force something that is not there. We’re trying to make something work that really in real life wouldn’t work. You don’t understand me the way I am, you just don’t understand me and I feel like I have to filter parts of my personality to suit you.
“I tread on egg shells all the time around you and things about me annoy you. I let you do your thing and you’re loud and you don’t understand me and you won’t understand me and it’s not your fault.”
Chris was left in tears as he admitted to Olivia that he was falling in love with her.
Meanwhile, Jonny Mitchell kicked off at newbie Theo Campbell after he threatened to steal Tyla Carr from him and a row broke out between the pair.
However, it wasn’t bad news for all the contestants as Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies decided to make their romance official.

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