Lily James wants rock ‘n’ roll movie roles

ICONINSIDER — Lily James is looking for “more rock and roll” movie roles.
The ‘Baby Driver’ star has previously worked on the likes of ‘War & Peace’,’Cinderella’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ and though she doesn’t regret her roles, she admits she went through a phase where all the “best” parts she was offered were quite similar so she’d like to do something more edgy.
She said: ‘Baby Driver’ has been a breath of fresh air. There are equal challenges in all of my projects but I’ve really, really loved doing something contemporary and I want to do much more along that route.
“[I wanted something] a bit more rock and roll, yes. But you do what seems, at that moment, to be the best challenge or the best character or the best filmmaker.
“And it just happened that a lot of the characters I’ve played, because of my age and because I’m English, have been ingenues. And I’m very grateful, but I’m a little bit over it.”
The 28-year-old star was keen to play Debora in ‘Baby Driver’ because she’s a fan of director Edgar Wright, and then when she got the script for the musical heist movie, she was even more determined to be involved.
She recalled: “I love Edgar Wright, I think he’s a genius. So I thought, cool, it’s Edgar’s film, I want to do it.
“And then I read the script and each scene came with a music track. It was so cool and so vivid that I could just picture that this was going to be something really special.”
And Lily instantly hit it off with her co-star Ansel Elgort, who plays Baby, as soon as they met.
She said: “We didn’t have a chemistry test or anything, it was funny. It was just easy.”

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