Katy Perry wants to ‘highlight the social injustices’

ICONINSIDER — Katy Perry says it would be “ignorant” of her if she didn’t use her fame to “highlight the social injustices” in the world.
The ‘Bon Appétit’ hitmaker is keen to use her “platform” as a celebrity to encourage young people to to have their own “point of view and perspective” on the world.
She said: “Maybe, more than ever, I have a point of view and a perspective … Well, times are changing and things are becoming more obvious. I’ve been given a platform, and it would be a crying shame if I was just selling shoes and not trying to help the legs that are walking in them.
“It would be almost ignorant of me not to highlight some of the social injustices and false narratives. I have everything to lose, so I’m also taking a chance.”
And the 32-year-old singer believes her fans’ “real dreams come true” by whoever’s in power.
She told The Sunday Times’ Culture magazine: “But [like her fans] I’m one of the people. And if they’re not happy, I’m not happy. There is no way you can have fun while living in a f***ing apocalypse, no way you can feel free if you’re not having your basic human rights met … You can dream dreams about rock stars all day long, but your real dreams come true via whoever’s in office.
“You can dream away with my poster on your wall, but I don’t know how I’m going to service your basic needs. I know that if you get involved in your local community, you can actually change things. People forget they have the power.”

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