Julia Stiles: Twitter is ‘gross’

ICONINSIDER — Julia Stiles thinks Twitter is “gross”.
The 36-year-old actress has admitted that whilst she once thought the social media platform had a “positive side” by making people condense their thoughts into 140 characters, she now has “an aversion” to using the site.
She said: “I’ve had an aversion to Twitter because of Donald Trump: I’ve found it so gross because of him. I once thought there was a positive side to having people be succinct, and reduce what they wanted to say to 140 characters, but now it feels like it’s shrivelling ideas.”
Instead of using her phone to keep up to date on Twitter, the ‘Riviera’ star instead favours language learning app Duolingo.
Asked what apps she uses, Julia said: “I use a car-share one and Duolingo for language learning. We filmed ‘Riviera’ in France for seven months, so I’m trying to keep up my French now I’m back home. Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast called ‘News in Slow French’ and try and pretend I can understand it.”
Julia “loves” listening to podcasts, and often listens to actor Alec Baldwin’s ‘Here’s the Thing’.
She added when asked about podcasts: “I love them – my favourite right now is ‘The Daily’, a New York Times podcast that catches up on the news every day. I absolutely love Alec Baldwin’s podcast, called ‘Here’s the Thing’, which I’ll listen to while I’m making dinner. He has the perfect voice for radio.”
When the ‘Jason Bourne’ actress unplugs herself from technology, she is an avid reader, and is currently a fan of author Zadie Smith.
Speaking to Radio Times magazine about her other hobbies, Julia said: “Recently I’ve been reading Zadie Smith’s books. I started at her most recent, ‘Swing Time’, and really enjoyed it so worked backwards, now I’m reading her first novel, ‘White Teeth’. There are such gems of observation there, and you can see how much she’s evolved as a writer and found her own voice.”

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