Jonny Mitchell branded ‘biggest sleaze’

ICONINSIDER — Jonny Mitchell has been branded “the biggest sleaze you will ever meet”.
The ‘Love Island’ hopeful has been blasted by a friend of his former fiancee Lauren Baxter, who revealed the real reason why the pair never made it down the aisle is because the 26-year-old business director was unfaithful to his partner.
The pal told heat magazine: “He told the other contestants on ‘Love Island’ that they broke up because she wanted kids, but it was because he’d been cheating on her.
“They were engaged, but broke up last June when she found out. She saw on his group chat how, on a trip to Ibiza, he slept with a couple of girls.
“He was talking about how this was ‘normal Jonny behaviour’ and how he’d had to get an STI test when he got home. She was just like, ‘Who is this person I’m going to marry.’…
“She told me she couldn’t forgive him, it wasn’t even a drunken thing, he was sober, talking about doing it all again.”
Despite appearing on the reality show, Jonny used to openly mock the programme and branded it “c**p”, but the pal thinks he had a change of heart because he’s so desperate to be famous.
The source said: “Lauren had no idea [he was going on]. We were all watching it, then she heard his voice. It was awful. She just burst into tears.
“The funny thing is, Lauren really likes ‘Love Island’ and says last year, while she was watching it, Jonny was like. ‘Get this s**t off, I’m not watching this c**p.’ He hated it. It’s just so laughable.
“He’s desperate for fame. You can tell that’s what it’s all about.
“He’s the best liar ever. He lies about the small things, which is just unnecessary. He wants to come across as sweet – and stay in for as long as possible.”

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