Jessica Shears can’t wait to see Dom Lever

ICONINSIDER — Jessica Shears “can’t wait” to see Dom Lever now he’s out of the ‘Love Island’ villa.
The brunette beauty hit it off with the hunk when they were both competing on the reality TV show last month but things came crashing down when she was given the boot alongside Mike Thalassitis and Dom was left in the house pining after her.
It was rumoured that, although she has feelings for Dom, her and Mike hooked up the night they both touched back down in England but she’s adamant that’s not the case and she hopes that the heartthrob gets in contact with her when he lands in the UK.
Speaking about Dom – who was evicted from the villa at the weekend – Jessica said on ‘This Morning’ on Monday (03.07.17): “No I’ve not spoken to him yet. I’ve not got his number, he’s not got my number. He’ll have to slide in my DMs or something. He’s such a sweetie, bless him, and we got along so well. I can’t believe we got such a strong connection so quickly, it’s madness. He’s given me some faith in guys after that. Let’s not jump the gun on any of this. I adore the boy and can’t wait to see him.”
And it looks like the feeling is mutual as Dom, 26, would like to propose to Jessica.
He said recently: “Jess and I were on a really good run. If it carries on like that outside the villa then I do see myself proposing. I fell in love with her. It was so difficult for me to admit that to Jess. I cried when she left the villa. I’ve cried more in the last four weeks than I have in the last ten years of my life.”
And the pair will no doubt get up to some naughty things when they’re reunited as Jessica revealed that sex with Dom was “mind-blowing.”
She said: “Sex with Dom was mind-blowing, I would never cheat on him … After leaving the show we [Mike and I] were in separate rooms in a villa with our chaperones before being fl own back to the UK. Nothing happened then …
“That evening I was actually trying to set him up with my best friend, Joanna. Mike had three of his mates there and the five of us went out to a club to let off some steam … The five of us got in a cab but nowhere decent was open so we went back to the hotel I was sharing with Joanna to order room service … When Mike left, he left with all his mates, we were never alone in the hotel room together.”

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