Jennifer Lopez’s tribute to lesbian aunt

ICONINSIDER — Jennifer Lopez has paid tribute to her lesbian aunt.
The 47-year-old actress and singer is an executive producer on ‘The Fosters’, which features a lesbian couple and their blended family and Jennifer revealed the show is so important to her because of her aunt Myrza’s experience.
Sharing her story for the FostersFamilyStories on, Jennifer wrote: “When I was growing up in the Bronx, I always thought my aunt Myrza was the coolest. She lived in NYC and wanted to be an actress. I loved going into the city and spending time with her and hearing about her hopes and dreams. I wanted to be just like her.
“What I didn’t realise was that she was struggling with being gay. At that time, families didn’t sit around a dinner table and talk about tolerance and acceptance. Life was different and it is heartbreaking for me to think about it now. The people she watched on TV didn’t represent her. Movies didn’t represent her. She thought she was alone.”
And Jennifer was inspired to get involved with ‘The Fosters’ because of her aunt Myrza.
She added: “When the opportunity to produce ‘The Fosters’ first came my way, I was a bit hesitant. I knew the show would be controversial. Being in the public eye, these sorts of things go through your head. But then I thought about Myrza. This could be that show she didn’t have growing up. A show that holds a mirror to society and shines a light on what love looks like. It doesn’t matter your race or sexual orientation. Love is love. It turns out I was right, The Fosters is about to celebrate its 100th episode. Myzra isn’t with us anymore, but I like to think she is proudly looking down on me from above….the way I always looked up to her.”

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