Haim won’t let themselves be ‘changed’ by people

ICONINSIDER — Haim refuse to let people “change” who they are.
The ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ hitmakers – comprised of sisters, 31-year-old Este, 28-year-old Danielle, and 25-year-old Alana Haim – have admitted that when they started their music careers in 2007 they were constantly told to change their appearance in order to get noticed.
And Alana now believes the only reason they are still making music and gearing up for the release of their second album ‘Something to Tell You’ – which hits shelves on Friday (07.07.17) – is because they “stayed very strong” and didn’t listen.
She said: “We started our band in 2007, and really until 2011, when we went to South By Southwest and got ‘discovered,’ for those five years so many different people said, ‘Well maybe it’s not working for you because you don’t dress the right way, or maybe you should change your hair or change your name.’
“The only reason why I’m here talking to you now is because we didn’t let them steer us down a path we didn’t want to go down, and we stayed very strong.”
Alana added that alongside trying to change their image, people also tried to convince the ‘Little of Your Love’ musicians to change their band name, which is the surname of the sisters.
She added: “A million people told us to change our name. Like, a million f***ing times. And I was like, ‘No!’ I love our name, and I’m proud of it.”
Meanwhile, Alana believes the reason the band engage in a “mystical kind of writing process” when it comes to their album is because the three siblings are writing “the same things” but from “different maturity levels”.
She told USA Today: “We’re three years apart. So we’re all going through the same things but with different maturity levels, and every song has a different spice, or a lick of wisdom, from each one of us.”

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