Emmerdale star Roxy Shahidi borrows clothes from Leyla Harding

ICONINSIDER — Roxy Shahidi has borrowed clothes from her ‘Emmerdale’ character’s wardrobe.
The 34-year-old actress stars as the streetwise Leyla Harding in the ITV soap and has confessed to incorporating some of her on-screen character’s style into her everyday attire.
Asked if she likes Leyla’s wardrobe, Roxy explained: “It’s good fun. I enjoy wearing clothes in combinations that I wouldn’t go for in real life.
“But I like bright floral patterns, so I might steal the odd thing from Leyla’s wardrobe – and I’ve given her things occasionally, too. There’s been a bit of back and forth between us over the years!”
Despite her fashion-conscious outlook, Roxy insisted that she isn’t one to spend lavishly on material items.
Asked to recall her last guilty purchase, the actress told Inside Soap magazine: “I don’t know if I feel guilty about buying stuff, because I’m not really excessive.
“I recently spent £300 on juices but I didn’t feel guilty about it because I know they are going to be really good for me.”
Roxy said that because of her ‘Emmerdale’ commitments and her passion for yoga, she rarely finds the time to indulge herself.
She added: “I’m super busy so it’s hard to find the time to juice. They’re like an investment in my future.”
Meanwhile, Roxy previously revealed she does yoga with her co-stars on set before she shoots her scenes for ‘Emmerdale’.
The actress explained: “If there’s no one around, I’ll do it by myself.
“But if there are people around who are interested in staying fit, then great, because it means you have that little bit of momentum.”

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