Elle Fanning loves ‘keeping busy’

ICONINSIDER — Elle Fanning relishes her hectic working schedule.
The 19-year-old actress made her movie debut in the 2001 drama ‘I Am Sam’ and has since appeared in an impressively long list of films – but Elle is happy to stay busy.
Asked, jokingly, if she ever finds time to sleep, Elle said: “I do sleep, of course. But I actually don’t need much sleep. I’m a night owl. I like staying up late, I can’t go to bed until a certain time.
“My body won’t let me, that’s one thing. But I do feel like I’ve had a good amount of breaks. I don’t know.”
Elle revealed that because she loves her job so much, she never stops to think about her heavy workload.
The actress, who stars alongside Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst in the Sofia Coppola-directed drama ‘The Beguiled’, told Collider: “I guess I don’t really think about that, because when you have a movie you really want to do, you’re just so excited to get to do it. That’s how I feel anyways. I do like keeping busy.”
This comes shortly after Kirsten revealed she had sleepovers with Elle after they worked together on ‘The Beguiled’.
Recalling her memories of making the movie, Kirsten said: “It’s funny because I have a lot of fun memories. I became close friends with Elle Fanning. We had sleepovers together and a lot of funny nights together.
“And being in New Orleans we just had the best time. The whole vibe was the best.”
Kirsten, 35, also admitted Elle has become like a “sister” to her over recent months.
The Hollywood star explained: “There’s people that you meet that are little soul mates in life, and she’s just like a sister to me.”

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