Ed Sheeran: Fame can be ‘dangerous’

ICONINSIDER — Ed Sheeran thinks being famous can be “dangerous”.
The 26-year-old singer is wary of the opinions people have on his music as he admits he is faced with “extreme” levels of both “hate” and “adoration”, and even has people “raging” about his personality when they’ve never met him.
He said: “I’ve actually never felt this much hate in my life, but also I’ve never felt this much adoration. There’s two extremes. It’s actually quite a dangerous situation to be in because you’ve got no middle ground, which I haven’t had before. People either f***ing hate me and want me to die and never make music again or people think I’m the second coming.
“It’s weird. Musically, I understand that I am not everybody’s cup of tea but there are people who’ve never met me but have this rage about me as a human being. It’s quite daunting to have millions of people who wants you to fail. The only way to silence people who want you to fail is to keep succeeding.”
And the flame-haired musician admits its his most recent single ‘Galway Girl’ that has split the opinions of the public the most, and doesn’t understand why he still gets called “beige” if his music causes such a rift between fans.
He added: “People do f***ing hate Galway Girl. That song’s called proper Marmite, which is quite good. I want to have people to have an opinion, even if their opinion hurts me. I get called beige a lot but it can’t beige if it’s splitting this much f**king opinions.”
Whilst the ‘Castle on the Hill’ hitmaker’s next studio venture has been heavily tipped to be titled ‘Subtract’ – following the pattern of his three previous records, ‘Divide’, ‘Multiply’, and ‘Plus’ – Ed claims the titles of his future albums are already tattooed on his body.
Speaking to Q magazine, Ed said: “It’s kind of like Prison Break. It’s all there.”
Ed Sheeran’s interview can be found in this month’s Q magazine, out now.

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