Duchess Camilla makes people feel ‘comfortable’

ICONINSIDER — Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has the ability to make people feel “comfortable”, according to the CEO of a crisis charity.
The 69-year-old royal – who is the wife of Prince Charles – has been praised as having the “extraordinary” talent of being able to make other people feel at ease just by talking to them, as Yvonne Traynor, CEO of Rape Crisis South London, recalled an early visit by the royal in which she managed to break down barriers that “trained therapists” struggled with.
Yvonne told People magazine: “A couple of our clients had been through a horrendous time, but they just opened up to her. It was extraordinary. We are all trained therapists and we are expecting people to open up to us. But she put people so at ease that they felt comfortable talking to her.”
The comments come after Camilla dubbed herself as an “ancient fairy godmother” last month when speaking to young children who had entered BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words competition.
She said: “Now I suspect, Ladies and Gentlemen, that you never thought you’d be sent to The Tower of London … but here we are today! And if you’ve read the ‘Horrible Histories’ you’ll know that, in the old days, it was usually a one-way ticket!
“As I look round at the happy faces today, I think I can safely say that we are all very excited to be within these historic walls. Chris Evans and the team at BBC Radio 2 have planned yet another amazing extravaganza to celebrate the final of this magical 500 Words competition, and as I was cast as its ancient Fairy Godmother I’m hoping that there’s still a little bit of magic floating around …
“But we don’t really need extra magic… look where we are! The Tower of London is such a famous landmark and such a powerful symbol of London.”
And the royal was also seen being comforting toward a group of sex trafficking survivors during a trip to Naples in April.
She said at the time: “You are all very brave women, I think you’re very strong, you are united which is so important. It is so terrible, so many lives destroyed. It is good that you all talk and support each other. It is so important to talk.”

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