Debbie Harry: I’m sort of like a unisex

ICONINSIDER — Debbie Harry “doesn’t know” what kind of sex she is.
The Blondie singer has learnt to be comfortable in her own skin over the years and admits she feels sorry for others who are too afraid to show their true colours.
The 71-year-old music legend feels she identifies as both female and male – despite being a woman – and she thinks people who don’t consider themselves to have characteristics of both genders are missing out as they are not able to “appreciate” diversity.
She explained: “Being gay is a minority, a speciality, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve sort of had more freedom to understand it.
“Being a woman who’s gone through puberty and adult womanhood and then the change, I’m sort of like a unisex now – I mean, I don’t know what kind of sex I am.
“I feel like I have so many different sexes in me and I feel sorry for people who don’t feel that way about themselves.
“Because life is much bigger when you feel like this.
“It gives you much more elasticity in understanding people and appreciating them.”
The ‘Call Me’ hitmaker has been a gay icon ever since Blondie – who recently released their new album ‘Pollinator’ – hit the music scene in the 70s, but she thinks the LGBT community must have been “desperate” to idolise her.
She told the latest issue of GQ magazine: “They must be desperate. But that’s OK, because desperate is something I understand.”
Debbie also thinks it is interesting how many musicians and performers identify as gay.
She added: “If you look at the arts, and you see how many great artists are gay, there must be some equation in that.”

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