David Bowie nearly recorded LP with James Murphy

ICONINSIDER — David Bowie almost recorded a joint album with LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy.
The ‘All My Friends’ hitmaker has revealed he recorded some percussion on the late music legend’s final record ‘Blackstar’ and that they had been in talks to record their own material, but the ‘Starman’ hitmaker was preoccupied making his LP.
James told Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1: “I reached out to David and said, ‘I’d love to do a record just me and you’.
“He said, ‘It’s funny you mention that, please look me up when you get back to New York.'”
The 47-year-old musician was surprised he even spoke with the ‘Heroes’ singer – who passed away in January 2016 after a secret battle with cancer – as he was so starstruck by his idol, but they ended up having a great relationship over email.
Speaking about how he probably have been speechless if he met the late great Lou Reed, he admitted: “I don’t think I could have talked to him.
“And that’s saying a lot because I knew David Bowie, I talked to David Bowie. I thought I couldn’t talk to him, but he was so gracious and so friendly… I had an email friendship with David Bowie, which one of the weirder, more amazing things.”

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