Corey Taylor admits depression struggles

ICONINSIDER — Corey Taylor struggles to “keep it together” when overwhelmed by depression.
The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman does his best to keep the mood disorder at bay in “natural” ways because his past drug addiction means he prefers to stay away from medication.
He said: “It’s taken two bands, a book deal and a fucking radio show to just get me to even out. And I still can’t f***ing keep it together half the time.
“But I exercise. I try to stay healthy as much as possible. I’ve tried to cut out all the negative s**t in my life, as far as chemicals, boozing, all that shit.
“I’ve tried to focus on the s**t that matters, which is my career, my kids, my creativity, and just trying to stay healthy enough, because I want to be able to do them for a very long time. So I guess that’s kept the emotions at bay.
“It doesn’t always work. I do have bouts of severe depression, which are very, very hard to deal with sometimes.
“But because I’m also an addict, I try to stay away from as much potentially addictive medication as much as possible, because I know me, and I know how I would be.
“So I’ve really tried to deal with it as naturally as possible, and I know that sounds very hippie-like, but when you know yourself, and you know the habits that you can slip into so easily, you have to find alternatives. … And I also still do therapy.”
The 43-year-old singer – who has kids Angeline and Griffin from past relationships and is married to Stephanie Luby – struggles to find ways to relax and wind down when he isn’t working.
He told Rolling Stone magazine: “I have tried meditating and I don’t have the mind or calmness for it because I’m such a f***ing maniac. I’m up and down, and I’m just a ball of crazy bulls**t half the time anyway. I go through huge spurts of reading, so that helps sometimes, but I don’t get to do it as much anymore.
“I don’t really have the chance to wind down, because I have kids. They’re specifically designed to keep you on the edge of your f***ing seat.”

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