Christy Turlington enjoyed campaign with husband

ICONINSIDER — Christy Turlington had an “interesting experience” shooting a Calvin Klein Eternity campaign with her husband.
The 48-year-old supermodel has been the face of the fragrance for several years but her latest ads for Eternity Intense mark the first time she has worked with her spouse Ed Burns and they had a great time on the shoot.
She said: “It’s better than a stranger! You know it’s funny. We’ve been married for almost 14 years and really hadn’t worked together before.
“He’s not a model and I’m not an actress so it was really an interesting first experience.
“I mean, we were in a beautiful place for the shoot, a place we actually have frequented as a family for vacations, so it felt very familiar and comfortable.
“And Inez and Vinoodh are not only friends, they’re a couple too – so I think that was a really nice and comfortable combination for both of us to have in them as directors and photographers.
“Also it’s nice to have those images to sort of document where we were and are in our relationship!”
Christy thinks she has a “unique” relationship with Calvin Klein Eternity because she has modelled for them for so long and the campaigns are some of the work she’s most proud of.
She told “I like that it’s such a unique thing – I’m not aware of any other fragrance and person representing the fragrance that has endured as long as my relationship with Eternity and Calvin Klein. But yeah, it’s always been one of my favourite campaigns.
“I think in each iteration it has maintained an iconic, clean, elegant image and it’s one of the campaigns I’ve been most proud of over my career.”
However, Christy admits she rarely wears fragrance herself unless it’s a special occasion.
She said: “I don’t wear fragrance every day – I’d say I’m more of an ‘on a special occasion’ kind of person.
“Or if I have the time to actually think about what I’m going to wear and what I’m actually doing, which isn’t every day!
“Most days I get up and run out of the door and my priority is getting my kids to school, trying to get some kind of fitness and exercise in and then heading straight to work. So there’s often not that opportunity to think: ‘”What kind of mood do I want to get myself into?’
“But when I do, it’s nice to make that little bit more effort and it’s a good reminder to all of us – especially in long-term relationships – to make that effort. It does definitely lift the spirits. Sets the mood for the day, or evening.”

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