Charlie Sheen’s baseball memorabilia sells for 4,4m

ICONINSIDER — Charlie Sheen’s Babe Ruth memorabilia has sold for over $4.4 million at auction.
The ‘Anger Management’ actor put the legendary baseball star’s 1927 World Series ring and the original copy of the document selling him from the Boston Red Son to the New York Yankees from the Boston Red Sox in 1919 up for sale and made a huge profit, ESPN reports.
Charlie, 51, previously said: “I’ve enjoyed these incredible items for more than two decades, and the time has come. Whatever price it brings is gravy.”
The items were sold through Lelands auction house on behalf of Charlie, who first purchased them in the 1990s.
Meanwhile, Charlie – who revealed in 2015 that he is HIV-positive – recently claimed that he suffered with “borderline dementia” while on a cocktail of drugs to manage the disease.
He said: “[The drugs] kept me suppressed and alive, but I struggled with a constant migraine and at times, borderline dementia.”
However, Charlie says he has had no side effects since he started the weekly injectable therapy PRO 140 instead.
He explained: “I’ve started to feel back to myself again and back in touch with all aspects of my life.
“When I was first diagnosed, I knew it wasn’t a death sentence but it was just a giant frickin’ bummer.
“I accept the gift of being alive. I could run and hide from this whole thing and not be outspoken and honest and open about it, but I’ve chosen a path that’s the opposite.”
And last year Charlie said he had achieved complete suppression of the virus with PRO 140.
He said: “It’s impossibly amazing.
“Personally, I think about how I felt on the day and how I feel today. Wow. Talk about a transformation.
“One minute you’re on the road to perdition, the next you’re on the road to providence. It’s amazing.
“I thought for sure I’d be stuck on that cocktail forever, but look at me now.
“I’m so grateful for the geniuses at CytoDyn for developing this and finding me.”

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