Caroline Flack rules out celeb Love Island

ICONINSIDER — Caroline Flack doesn’t think a celebrity version of ‘Love Island’ would work.
The 37-year-old presenter believes the key to the success of the saucy dating show is the fact the viewers have no pre-conceptions about the contestants and only get to know them as the series progresses.
Asked about the possibility of a celebrity version, she said: “No, I think this is one of the rare reality shows where it actually works better with people we don’t know.
“You get to know them and become invested in the show.”
The brunette beauty gets invested in the couplings on the show and admitted she feels upset when they break up.
She said: “[I get upset by the break ups], definitely. It’s like one big family so I feel I’m a part of it. It’s like seeing your friends break up – never nice.”
And Caroline’s friends are equally gripped by the goings-on of the show and she admitted she hears from a lot of people that she doesn’t usually as they look to her for behind-the-scenes gossip.
She said: “I’m in loads [of ‘Love Island’ WhatsApp groups] with my friends, weirdly.
“All my mates climb out of the woodwork this time of year when they want to get the inside gossip.
“I hear from people I haven’t heard from in a while and they want to know all the stuff that’s going on.”
While the thought of going on the show now isn’t appealing to Caroline, she thinks her younger self would have jumped at the chance.
She told Look magazine: “I imagine that when I was 18 I’d have looked at ‘Love Island’ and thought, ‘I’d do that.’ I don’t think I could [have sex on TV]. I think, for me, those moments are best left behind closed doors.”

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