Ansel Elgort: I feel like I have two personalities

ICONINSIDER — Ansel Elgort feels like he has “two personalities”.
The ‘Fault In Our Stars’ actor sees his work life and regular life as very different and prefers to “blend in” when he’s off work.
He said: “My work life and my regular life are very different – I feel like it’s two personalities. There’s actor Ansel, where I have to play a role and be ‘on’. I take photos with everybody who asks, and I try to be professional.
“But when I’m real-life Ansel, I’m not on all the time. If I’m riding the subway with my father I might not want to take a picture. When I’m home in New York, I feel like that same kid that went to high school here and nobody knew. I can still blend in, which is nice. You can’t lose that, you know?”
And the 23-year-old actor loves that his girlfriend Violetta Komyshan isn’t famous.
He added to Women’s Health magazine: “I’ve never been with somebody from Hollywood, so I don’t know what it’s like, but I like having my love be away from my work.
“It’s nice that she knows me as me before I was influenced by success or the stress and responsibility of being an adult. I feel like everyone’s at their purest when they’re just a kid.”
Meanwhile, Ansel previously admitted he thinks he is a “few different people”.
Asked the greatest day of his life so far, he replied: “You know, it might be a weird actor thing, but I think of myself as a few different people. Like, I think of myself as Ansel–that’s one person. And then I’m Ansel Elgort. That’s another person. And then I’m Ansolo.
“So for Ansel, the best day of my life has been on the beach on Long Island with my family, totally chilling without a worry in the world. For Ansel Elgort, presenting at the Oscars was pretty sick. For Ansolo, I was so excited when Steve Angello, my favourite DJ, played my song ‘Totem’ for the first time. I started crying. Then when I heard he was going to sign it to his label, I was freaking out.”

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