Amy Childs ‘fatty’ daughter

ICONINSIDER — Amy Childs thinks her daughter will be a “little fatty soon.”
The former ‘The Only Way is Essex’ star’s tiny tot Polly is only eight weeks old but she’s already had to increase the amount of milk she has because she’s constantly hungry and is convinced it won’t be long before she’s too big for her clothes.
Writing in her column for new! magazine, she said: “Polly is in such a good routine – she’s literally bum change then feed every four hours. I’m told that never normally happens with an eight-week-old baby.
“My mate Sam Faiers said to me: ‘Get Polly to start swimming!’ So I’m going to get her doing that soon. It makes me feel nervous, her in the water, but it’s better to start her young. Food-wise, she’s already on baby milk for hungrier babies, so she’s going to be a little fatty soon. Her cheeks are already getting really big, bless her!”
And the 27-year-old beauty is hoping to set up some playdates with ‘Made in Chelsea’ Binky Felstead following the recent birth of her daughter India.
She explained: “I saw my friend Binky Felstead called her baby India – it’s such a lovely name and, as you know, it was one I was considering. But when Polly came out, she didn’t look like an India. I’m glad Binky chose that name because I love it! India and Polly can go on nice little play dates as they’re both little girls.”
However, Amy’s column was all happiness as she has admitted she’s devastated for Charlotte Church after it was announced she’d suffered a miscarriage recently.
Amy said: “I was so sad to hear about Charlotte Church losing her baby. It’s heartbreaking. When I was pregnant with Polly, all I kept thinking was: ‘Am I going to have a miscarriage?’ When I was 19 weeks I was actually rushed to hospital as I had pain in my belly. But they said it was like a contraction, where the baby stretches so much and gets bigger, and it causes so much pain. It was the most worrying thing ever and I couldn’t stop crying. It must be so hard for Charlotte.”

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