Alicia Keys ‘in awe’ of husband

ICONINSIDER — Alicia Keys is “in awe” of her husband Swizz Beatz.
The 36-year-old singer tied the knot with rapper Swizz seven years ago and took to Instagram to gush about how she is still completely smitten with him.
She wrote: “Just had to take a minute to reflect on how proud I am of this incredible man!! Not just because I love him beyond description and he’s an incredible person (which he is no question) but because of all the magnificent ideas he invents in his mind and then makes real in the world in major ways!! With art, music, businesses, marketing and in so many more ways than I could fit in one IG text! It’s crazy!! It’s challenging to even bring ONE good idea to fruition and yet he does many and is STILL dreaming! Big, huge ceiling-less dreams! (sic).”
Alicia went on to praise Swizz for setting up the No Commission art project, a platform designed to support artists by giving them 100 per cent of the profits from sales of their work.
She wrote: “I remember when he first started imagining what #nocommission could be…. Beginning with the Art Fair and now he’s done them all over the world in places like NY, London, Shanghai, and TONIGHT the 2nd night in Berlin celebrating art and giving artists a platform to own their own art without anyone taking or sharing in the profits they receive. It’s really amazing, because not only does he dream for himself but he dreams for All of us. So we can all begin to break through any ceilings we falsely imagine above us… So, even though I live with him and am blessed to be married to him, I’m still in AWE of him (sic).”
Alicia and Swizz have two sons, Genesis and Egypt, together.

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