Tinashe finds it difficult being a woman in the music industry

ICONINSIDER — Tinashe believes being a woman in the music industry is “sh**ty”.
The 24-year-old singer – whose full name is Tinashe Jorgenson Kachingwe – believes it is difficult for a female to break into the business and to be taken seriously, although people think her journey to becoming a recognised artist has been “easy” because she looks like a “cute little girl”.
Speaking about her career, the brunette beauty – who emerged on the scene in 2014 with her album ‘Aquarius’ – said: “Being a woman in the music industry can be sh**ty. It’s been a continuous process educating people that you can be a well-rounded artist and human who can make things that sound different. It’s easy for people to think you have it easy because you’re ‘just a cute little girl’.”
And the ‘2 On’ hitmaker believes longevity in the music industry is the only way people will take her seriously and realise she is the “creator of [her] own destiny”.
She added: “The longer you are in the game, the more people realise that you really are the creator of your own destiny.”
And Tinashe aspires to do exactly that and become a recognised artist who can “stand the test of time”.
She said: “My goal as an artist is to stand the test of time.”
It has been three years since Tinashe released an LP, as she is set to unveil her newest compilation titled ‘Joyride’, which the American star has kept as her “little precious secret” for a “long” time.
Speaking about her latest project, she said: “Having it for so long [has been] my little precious secret.”
However, the vocalist feels apprehensive about unveiling the full track list, because she wants her work to be considered a “cohesive story” or “a film in audio” instead of merely an array of tracks compiled together.
She explained to Stylist magazine: “It’s a bit intimidating just thinking about putting it out there. When I do a project, I want it to feel like a cohesive story or a film in audio form instead of just being a compilation of songs.”

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