The Black Eyed Peas’ comeback will be in virtual reality form

ICONINSIDER — The Black Eyed Peas will make their comeback in the “medium of augmented reality”.
The hip hop group, which is currently comprised of,, and taboo, made their return to the music industry earlier this year after seven years, and the band have decided to reinvent themselves as a threesome by launching a “new experience” where their upcoming music will be available on a Pokemon Go-style virtual reality game next month.
Speaking about their forthcoming venture to The Sun newspaper, said: “In mid-July, The Black Eyed Peas launch our new experience and you’ll see what we’ve been doing in the medium of augmented reality.”
And the 42-year-old musician believes the ‘Where is the Love?’ hitmakers’ innovative idea is like nothing else that has ever been created before, and he has likened it to a whole “new world” of music.
He explained: “Right now when it comes to augmented reality, people take awesome little photos on Snapchat and Instagram and give you halos or puppy-dog faces. That’s cool, but that’s just the beginning. What we’re doing is building a new world.”
However, doesn’t plan to “outdo” any of the groups previous hit tracks because he thinks that would be “impossible”, although he believes their new project is “multi-layered” and “multi-dimensional”.
He said: “We’re not going to outdo ‘I Gotta Feeling’, that’s impossible. That means we have to think in a different medium. This now thing we’re doing, it’s very tech, it’s experimental. It’s not just radio or two-dimensional. It’s multi-layered, multi-dimensional.”
And the ‘Check It Out’ artist is “excited” for The Black Eyed Peas’ new work and virtual reality experience to be unveiled.
He added: “I’m excited for the world to experience it.”

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