Taylor Schilling doesn’t get recognised

ICONINSIDER — ‘Orange is the New Black’ star Taylor Schilling rarely gets recognised in public.
The actress insists she is rarely approached by fans during her everyday life, and if people do realise who she is, they simply get confused that she’s not behind bars like her character Piper Chapman.
She said: “I get very little attention. I feel like if anybody does come up, usually I’m gone by the time they’ve figured out who I am.
“Or, if they have, they look at me with this disdain of, ‘Piper! How did you get out? Why are you out?’ They want to know how I escaped.”
The 32-year-old actress has largely stayed away from big blockbuster movies, but she insists that isn’t a deliberate move as she simply looks for projects that excite and challenge her.
She said: “I love to work. And there are so many other actors in the game who can’t, you know?
“All I want is a character that excites me, a director that challenges and supports me, playing with people who are better than me and who I respect – that’s all I want.”
Taylor was devastated when her role in one of her first movies, ‘Argo’, was cut during editing but she was grateful for the kindness of star-and-director Ben Affleck in the aftermath.
She told heat magazine: “I had maybe half a dozen scenes. It wasn’t the nicest time … [Ben] called me, and he was so remorseful and apologetic. He couldn’t have been more apologetic.
“And he followed up, a lot, with calls and emails. He’s such a genuinely thoughtful, considerate individual. He really cared.
“And it was a profound experience working with him – he is an incredible director and a really lovely human being.”

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