Susan Boyle targeted by teen tormentors

ICONINSIDER — Susan Boyle has been targeted by an abusive gang of teenagers.
The 56-year-old singer has been subjected to a barrage of insults and intimidation by a group of around 15 young people, and her spokesperson has revealed they are planning to call in police to ensure the Scottish star is safe.
Neighbours in Blackburn, West Lothian, have blasted the group for targeting Susan, who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome.
One said: “Since finding fame she has been getting hassle off the youngsters.
“They go up and down this road. You or I could handle it but with Susan’s condition it makes it harder.
“It seems to come and go with the youngsters. The other neighbours will chase them off if they see anything.”
It has been claimed that in one terrifying incident the primarily-male gang set fire to a piece of paper and threw it at the ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ hitmaker.
And in another incident, the teenagers threw stones and hurled abuse when Susan was on a bus.
A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “We were inside the bus and they were throwing stones, screaming and shouting things.
“Another time 10-15 of them were surrounding and throwing stuff.
“They lit a piece of paper and threw it at her face.
“Then I was going inside the Mill Centre, Susan was walking out and they were all standing at the entrance and they said to her ‘why don’t you get yourself a pair of glasses you ugly, old b***h. It’s horrendous.”
But Susan – who still lives in the former council house where she grew up – isn’t the only local resident to have been targeted by the group, who are aged around 16-18.
One neighbour said: “While I was waiting at the bus they lobbed a glass bottle at my head. Luckily, it missed – it would have been painful if it had hit me.
“I’ve called the police 15 times. I’ve had to speak to victim support, I’ve had to call helplines because I’ve felt suicidal.
“They’re known to the community. They set the children’s park on fire, they put fireworks through somebody’s door, they threw eggs at a wee girl’s window.
“They pick on the most vulnerable people. If there is more than one person they won’t do it – because they are too scared. It’s old people, children, mentally ill people. It’s really disgusting.”

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