Samantha Spiro: Doctor Who mood was sombre

ICONINSIDER — Samantha Spiro admitted there was a sombre mood on set for the ‘Doctor Who’ finale.
The 48-year-old actress has a cameo in the upcoming episode as Hazran, and though her time filming was brief, it was hard not to get caught up in the emotional feelings of the cast and crew as they prepare to say goodbye to current Time Lord Peter Capaldi.
She said: “I do think you could really sense that on set. And it’s funny going in when the whole crew’s been working on it for many years, and coming to the end of Peter’s time, because there’s a great camaraderie on set, they are a really fantastic crew.
“I think it really did add, not just in the scenes that were very emotional but there is a sense of it throughout, and I couldn’t help but get swept up with that really because its the end of a really fabulous era.
“Three years for Peter, but ten years for some of the crew who probably won’t be moving on now because there’s a whole new production.”
And Samantha felt honoured to be able to watch Peter – who will still feature in this year’s Christmas special – in action on the show.
She added to “Because this is the final episode there’s some really fantastic epic pieces that Peter deals with as the Doctor in this episode that I found really quite a privilege to witness, it really took my breath away. I think he’s brilliant.”
After Samantha’s casting was announced, it sparked speculation she’d be the new Doctor and she recently admitted she thought the rumours were hilarious and was happy to let them continue.
She said: “It was after I’d already finished filming it so I knew I wasn’t going to be the next Doctor.
“It’s always fun when there’s speculation like that, and because nobody knows who the next Doctor is at the moment, you let people run with these things – so it’s all good fun!”

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