Rose Byrne still owns dresses she wore 20 years ago

ICONINSIDER — Rose Byrne has kept the dresses she wore 20 years ago.
The 37-year-old actress has revealed her wardrobe is filled with “highbrow, lowbrow” garments as well as vintage pieces that she has owned for over two decades.
Speaking about her personal fashion collection to, the ‘Spy’ star said: “Highbrow, lowbrow, vintage. Ones I’ve had for 20 years, since we met.”
Although the brunette beauty has kept hold of older pieces, she has “embraced” more contemporary trends, such as a flowy dress paired with flat trainers ensemble,
She explained: “I’ve embraced the flowy dress and white sneakers thing – it’s very ’90s. It’s as far ’90s as I’ll go.”
However, Rose will never be able to wear bulky Doc Martens footwear, or a crop top.
The Australian star – who has 16-month-old son Rocco with her partner Bobby Cannavale – said: “I can’t do Doc Martens, nope. Can’t do a crop top but can do a white sneaker.”
But Rose will always have a soft spot in her heart for the two-piece Zimmermann outfit she wore on a recent public appearance.
When asked what her all-time favourite outfit was, she said: “I really liked the Zimmermann two-piece thing I wore on Stephen Colbert’s show. I wore a really beautiful Calvin [Klein] two-piece to the Emmys in 2013, the year Bobby won.”
Rose is fearful of social media because she believes the various platforms can turn “healthy aggression” into the worst form and people begin to compare themselves to one another.
She explained: “Healthy aggression is good, but I think social media can perpetuate that in the worst way. You have to be careful about comparing yourself to others. You can never be somebody else.”
And Rose has urged people to simply be themselves.
She added: “You will only be yourself, and that’s what’s great.”

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