Robert Pattinson’s less stressful life

ICONINSIDER — Robert Pattinson’s life is a “lot less stressful” now his stint in the ‘Twilight Saga’ is over.
The 31-year-old actor became a global star playing vampire Edward Cullen opposite his then-girlfriend Kristen Stewart in the fantasy drama series, and he is thankful he no longer comes under the scrutiny he used to and is able to make more fulfilling career choices.
Asked how life now compares with the ‘Twilight’ years, he said: “It’s a lot less stressful. And in terms of the work I’m doing now, it feels more honest and authentic.
“I used to be treated like a baby bird that needed to be protected from the outside world and I hated that.
“I like having people around me now who are willing to tell me what they really think.
“I like having my management let me know if they think I’m making the wrong choices. I hate the phoniness that comes with the business sometimes.”
However, the ‘Good Times’ star admits he still suffers with self-doubt, though he likes the “edge” of feeling uncertain about his life at all times.
He added: “It’s more fun and interesting now. I don’t have as many doubts as I used to although I still question myself a lot.
“But I like that kind of uncertainty. It gives you that added edge. I like the feeling that your life could just fall apart.”
After moving back to the UK, Robert – who is in a relationship with musician FKA Twigs – is relieved he doesn’t have to wear a disguise to dodge fans any more.
He told OK! magazine: “Things have calmed down over the years, which is a relief because at a certain point I got tired of going out in disguise or wearing a baseball cap all the time.
2But a lot of that is due to the fact I moved back to London a few years ago, and people are very different. No one really cares that much f they happen to spot me.
“In New York or Los Angeles I have to be much more careful when I go out.”

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