Robert Pattinson offered to do catering

ICONINSIDER — Robert Pattinson offered to do the catering on his new movie because he was so desperate for a part.
The 31-year-old actor was determined to do whatever it took to land the role of robber Connie Nikas in heist drama ‘Good Time’ because he was desperate to work with directors, The Safdie Brothers.
He said: “I love [their] film ‘Heaven Knows What’ and I knew right away that I had to try and meet them and hope they’d let me work on their next project.
“I don’t like waiting around for my agent to call me. I like to go after films on my own because I know my own tastes and the kind of films I want to do better than anyone else.
“I told the brothers I’d be willing to do anything to work with them, even the catering.
“They have a very personal style of filmmaking and that’s the kind of work that appeals to me.”
And when it came to making the movie, Robert was very excited by the pair’s “guerrilla” style of filmmaking.
He explained to OK! magazine: “They were working on the script for about a year before we started shooting. They told me they wanted to shoot the film in ‘guerilla’ style, without booking locations in advance or using security staff to block off streets or traffic while we were shooting.
“They believed in getting right in there and making it look as real as possible. It was kind of thrilling. We would be in the middle of the street sometimes setting up a shot or we’d shoot in the emergency room of a hospital without permission. I was worried people might recognise me and ruin the shot or start taking their phones out.”

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