Richard Hammond: I thought I was going to die

ICONINSIDER — Richard Hammond was convinced he was going to die when his car slid off the road earlier this month.
The 47-year-old TV star was on a practice run for a race in an electric car when he lost control of the vehicle, which tumbled down a hill and burst into flames.
Recalling the dramatic incident in Switzerland on June 10, RIchard said: “I was aware that I was up high, and that inevitably the car was going to come down.
“And yeah of course there was a moment of dread – ‘Oh God, I’m going to die’.
“And also I was aware that the car was taking just such a beating. I mean if you look at those craters, that’s a big hole that’s just impact and it looks like the thing has been dropped from space to leave a whole that big.”
In 2006, Richard ended up in a coma after he was involved in a high-speed crash during the making of ‘Top Gear’ for the BBC.
But on this occasion, Richard was conscious throughout the ordeal and was convinced he had no chance of surviving the crash.
In a video posted on DriveTribe, the ‘Grand Tour’ presenter said: “I was thinking, ‘Yeah, I can’t make this.’
“You’re aware of tumbling – sky, ground, sky, ground, sky, ground, sky, ground.”
The car ended up around 100 metres away from the road and Richard managed to drag himself out of the vehicle before anyone else arrived on the scene.
He recalled: “I do remember saying to them, ‘Drag me by my arms not my legs because I think I’ve broken that leg.'”

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