Rebecca Jane evicted from Big Brother

ICONINSIDER — Rebecca Jane has been evicted from ‘Big Brother’.
The 32-year-old businesswoman was booted from the Channel 5 reality show on Thursday (22.06.17) after losing out to her rival Joe Quaranta, following their bitter dispute earlier in the week.
Rebecca left the house to a sea of boos despite the crowd previously having chanted “Get Joe out!”, and the blonde beauty sat down with show host Emma Willis to discuss her explosive row with the 55-year-old club ownr.
She said: “Honestly I am the biggest walking contraction there ever was. I flick a switch and I’m gone. I’ve definitely got a few different personalities and I’ve shown them all in that house.”
Rebecca and Joe were embroiled in an argument earlier in the week after Joe made comments about Rebecca’s appearance, and the blonde asked him how he would feel if someone made those comments toward his daughter.
Speaking about Joe after being evicted, Rebecca said: “What a horrible man. He absolutely wasn’t interested in anything I had to say, in any other conversation or otherwise. I think I was fully justified.”
At the time of their argument, Joe became enraged when Rebecca brought his daughter into the feud.
He fumed: “Don’t bring my daughter into it, you silly f***ing idiot. Right? Don’t bring my daughter into it, you idiot. Appearance. Don’t bring my daughter into it, you silly f***ing cow.”
Whilst Rebecca retorted: “You don’t personally attack someone’s appearance, ever. I’m somebody’s daughter! I am somebody’s f*****g daughter!”
Their argument caused fellow housemate Kieran to step in to split the pair up, but when he told Rebecca she “deserved” to be shouted at for bringing family into the row, the blonde beauty turned on him.
She raged: “You f***ing what? He said that to me and you think I f***ing deserve it? You think I f***ing deserve it? I haven’t called anybody’s f***ing daughter, he has f***ing called me. He has f***ing called me.”
In order to break up their row, the voice of Big Brother told Rebecca to cool off in the bathroom, whilst Kieran was sent to the bedroom.

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