Petula Clark’s cosmetic surgery relief

ICONINSIDER — Petula Clark is glad she has never had cosmetic surgery because so many women now look “terrible” after going under the surgeon’s knife.
The 84-year-old star has been involved in showbusiness since the tender age of nine appearing in various films and TV shows as well as releasing numerous albums, with her last LP release coming in 2016 with ‘From Now On’.
The only improvement to her looks that Petula has had is to have a facial scar corrected after being told she needed to do it for a film role and she’s relieved she’s always resisted the lure of plastic surgery.
Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: “I had a little bit of surgery a long time ago when I was doing a movie. I had a scar on my cheek which didn’t show, but on camera it did, so they told me to get it fixed, and I did.
“I’ve never had anything else done and I never will. You see so many freaky things now. You see some awful things. Women can look terrible!”
The ‘Downtown’ hitmaker is doubtful if she would even be able to have a career as a singer and actress if she were launching her career has a young woman in 2017.
In today’s image obsessed society, Petula believes she would be deemed not attractive enough to be a pop star.
She explained: “The business is totally different. The facade has become very, very important. I never got involved in that side of things and I was never a beauty.”
Petula attended the premiere of ‘Bat Out of Hell The Musical’ in London this week and walked the red carpet with a host of stars, including Tom and Giovanna Fletcher, Bananarama’s Sara Dallin, Steps and Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp.

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