Paul O’Grady slams Blind Date bosses for cutting raunchy innuendos

ICONINSIDER — Paul O’Grady has slammed ‘Blind Date’ producers for cutting raunchy innuendos on the programme.
The 62-year-old television presenter hosts the new iconic dating show, which the late Cilla Black helmed for almost 20 years, but one episode reportedly had to be re-shot as members of the audience were shocked at the quips made by the Channel 5 programme’s first ever gay competitors.
However, Paul – who is known for his alter-ego Lily Savage – was disgruntled by the reaction and blasted the show’s bosses as “a load of nuns” and for being strict with their “rules and preaching”.
A former nurse named Adrian Rutter, who was in the audience watching the show, told The Sun Online: “He shouted at the crew, saying, ‘You’re a load of nuns — worse than the Salvation Army with their rules and preaching’.
“There was a lot of innuendo about blowing and sucking.
“Pensioners in the audience were shocked. The show had to be reshot.”
The ‘The Paul O’Grady Show’ host was reluctant to front the revamped series in the first place as he felt like a “phoney” taking over from the ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’ hitmaker.
Speaking previously, he said: ” At first I said no because it’s so synonymous with Cilla. I thought nobody else can do it. I’m not your suitable Cupid me, I’m quite cynical.
“It was very hard because I kept expecting Cilla at the top of the stairs saying ‘what are you doing?’ I’ll constantly refer to her if there’s a bit of a mess up.
“I felt like a phoney – ‘what am I doing here?’ How did this happen, I used to iron my jeans while watching this.”
But it wasn’t until the flame-haired musician’s son, Robert, encouraged Paul to present the new series that he changed his mind.
The funny man explained: “I spoke to Robert, her son, and he said do it.”

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