Paul Hollywood is a ‘pretty deftly’ with martial arts weapons

ICONINSIDER — Paul Hollywood is a dab hand at using martial arts weapons.
The 51-year-old celebrity chef has claimed when he was younger he was “really good” at handling the wood and chain device, and even years later the blue-eyed silver fox has admitted he is “pretty deftly” with the equipment.
Speaking about his secret skill to The Sun Online, the culinary mastermind said: “I can use nunchucks pretty deftly.
“I was really good at them when I was younger.”
Although the television personality has insisted he has a knack for the Japanaese sport, he has admitted he whacked himself and “bruised” his elbow when he tried his hand at it more recently.
He explained: “I picked them up again recently and I hit my elbow a couple of times and bruised it.”
Meanwhile, Paul is set to return to judge the upcoming series of ‘The Great British Bake Off’, which he previously appeared on with Mary Berry before the show switched to Channel 4, and he is “very glad” to still be a part of the programme.
He said: “I am very glad to still be doing it. Why wouldn’t I be? At the end of the day, I haven’t left anything. The production company left the BBC, not me – I still have a motoring show on the Beeb.
“The show found me and I didn’t want to turn my back on them.”
And the star has admitted fans of the programme are in for a treat as the forthcoming series will see his colleague Prue Leith – who is known for being a harsh critique on ‘The Great British Menu’ – show off a “naughtier” side than his former co-star Mary with her risqué “one-liners”.
He explained: “She is naughtier than Mary, but I can’t say how. You will have to watch the programme. She is hilarious and her one-liners are great. She is very dry and witty.”

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