Nick Jonas: Streaming services let me experiment

ICONINSIDER — Nick Jonas thinks streaming services have allowed him to “experiment” with his music.
The ‘Jealous’ hitmaker enjoys being able to be a “bit of a scatterbrain creatively” now he doesn’t have to conform to a traditional album model.
He said: “At first there was a little fear in this new, very progressive way that people were receiving and listening to music, how it was going to affect us in compensation as artists, as songwriters, as producers but also how it would change the traditional album model.
“I can sort of experiment with different things and sort of jump around a bit and be a bit of a scatterbrain creatively, which is exciting. I think this new age in music is something to embrace and it just empowers everybody.”
And the 24-year-old singer has teased he is planning a new album, which he has hinted will be more “positive” and “uptempo” after his last breakup album.
Speaking during his speaker session at Cannes Lions, he added: “I think for the fan experience coming to the shows where the songs are a bit more uptempo and brighter will be better than the breakup album I released last year. It’s time for some positivity, I think.”
Meanwhile, Nick previously revealed he wants an “opportunity” to show people who he really is.
He said: “I think the thing that we’re both looking at is that this is an opportunity to show people where we are now. And if there’s an awareness of our friendship, that’s great but I don’t think that we’re assuming anything of anybody.
“I think that the key is for us to really give people that are fans a look into this next chapter and where we want to go in the future. And people that maybe aren’t as familiar that just wanted to come out to the show and see what it’s all about, to really show them who Demi and I are and make that the focus of this show.”

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