Michelle Mone: ‘I’m not frightened to get my cleavage out’

ICONINSIDER — Michelle Mone has never been “frightened” to flaunt her cleavage in business.
The 45-year-old businesswoman – who founded the lingerie company Ultimo, which she sold in 2014 – has admitted she is a confident dresser and will gladly sport a revealing top to flaunt her assets, as well as a pair of high heels, in the workplace because it makes her feel “feminine” and “powerful”.
Speaking about her wardrobe choices, the blonde-haired designer – who became one of the former British Prime Minister’s Life Peers in 2015 – told The Daily Telegraph: “Board meetings never worried me: I would always get a blow dry and put on some high heels. I’m not frightened to get my cleavage out in the business world because it makes me feel feminine and that make me feel powerful. I don’t believe you have to cover up your femininity to be a top businesswoman.”
However, there are specific garments the entrepreneur disapproves of, including short mini-skirts and flip flops, and if she spotted a potential employee in either items she would refuse to hire them.
Speaking about the flat beach footwear, she said: “If it’s a tech company or a flip flop manufacturer, fine. But would I take on a lawyer who turned to meet me in flip-flops? No.”
And when asked about the revealing skirt, she replied: “In a nightclub or a pub, find – but in an accountancy firm or in the House of Lords it’s inappropriate.”
Michelle is currently in the midst of launching a new business Michelle Mone Interiors, although she has claimed she doesn’t “need” to start up another new venture.
She explained: “[It] will be a high end and very personal service that balances luxurious elegance with intelligent design
“I don’t need to start this business.
“But I’m passionate about design. Plus I really feel I’m at the highest point in my life.”
Meanwhile, the Baroness – who has Rebecca, Declan and Bethany with her ex-husband Michael – has admitted she likes to let her hair down with a sing-along, and she will regularly belt out the lyrics to the late music legend Whitney Houston’s ‘The Greatest Love Of All’ after a “tough” day in the office.
She explained: “My favourite [song] is Whitney Houston’s ‘The Greatest Love of All’: I can hit all the high notes. It’s not necessarily pleasant to the ear, but if I’ve had a tough day at the office I’ll blast that out.”

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