Michael Keaton explains the appeal of villainous characters

ICONINSIDER — Michael Keaton admits most actors are drawn towards “villainous characters”.
The 65-year-old star has been cast as criminally-minded Vulture in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and Michael concedes there is an allure to playing the bad guy.
He shared: “I think actors tend to be drawn toward, not necessarily villainous, but [yeah] probably villainous characters. It kind of tends to be often true when you delve into the dark side, it gets interesting.
“Because the reality is the lead or hero sometimes by the nature of the piece has to be, not one-dimensional, but has to represent a thing, a very strongly.
“Whereas supporting actors or character actors often – they’re more dimensional. You know without going into this and some sort of bull***t actor talk, but it tends to be true.”
In fact, Michael admitted to having previously felt envious towards lesser-known actors, because they are sometimes handed more appealing roles.
The Hollywood star – who appears alongside Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. in the new superhero movie – told Den of Geek: “A lot of times, I think everyone, or most of us, had some experience where you’re playing one role and you’re looking at some of the minor roles, and you’re thinking, ‘Oh man, I’d like to have a bite of that! It’s just so much fun.’
“And I’ve been fortunate where I get to play a lot of different things: real tiny parts and big parts. They’re both fun, they’re both different. It’s more iconic and you make a hell of a lot more dough being the lead guy.”

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