Michael Jackson lived in fear of being murdered

ICONINSIDER — Michael Jackson feared he was going to be murdered.
The music legend penned a series of notes in the weeks before his death in June 2009, in which he admitted to being “scared” for his life and saying that “the system” wanted to kill him for his “catalogue” of hit records.
In one of the letters – which was passed to German businessman Michael Jacobshagen – Jackson made reference to the promoter of his planned shows at the O2 Arena in London, where he was due to perform 50 concerts from July 2009 to March 2010.
Jackson, who suffered a cardiac arrest and died less than a month before the first gig was scheduled to take place, wrote: “AEG makes so much pressure to me. I have a bad feeling. I’m scared about my life. Call Joseph tomorrow.”
The name Joseph is believed to be a reference to his dad Joe Jackson.
Jacobshagen, 34, had a two-decade friendship with the singer and in an upcoming TV interview with broadcaster Daphne Barak, he will revisit the time Jackson called him in tears from Las Vegas.
The broadcaster, whose interview will air worldwide, told The Sun newspaper: “Jacobshagen approached me earlier this year. He was eager to talk about the Michael Jackson he had known.
“He insisted to meet with me because of my previous interviews with Jackson and his parents.
“I had published audios of Jackson, showing his heavy addictions and that he was abused by enablers around him. It sent a clear message to people who still tried to benefit from him after his death.
“Jacobshagen kept writing to us and said that he had handwritten notes of the late star, never seen before. Some were written in 2009, before his tragic death.
“So we agreed to meet with Jacobshagen, film his account and look at the notes.”
The official cause of Jackson’s death, aged 50, was an overdose of the sedative propofol.
But Conrad Murray, his doctor, served a two-year spell in jail for involuntary manslaughter.

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