Mariah Carey’s massage movie marathon

ICONINSIDER — Mariah Carey watched ‘Mean Girls’ three times during one massage.
The ‘Hero’ hitmaker hired celebrity masseuse Dr. Dot Stein to give her a soothing rub, and though she doesn’t use Dot’s famous ‘bite massage’ technique, she is one of the expert’s more difficult clients and lives up to her reputation as a diva.
Explaining how Mariah watched the Lindsay Lohan movie back-to-back in one session, Dot said: “I cannot stress the fact enough, everything you read about her is true.
“It’s a huge production to massage her. She doesn’t want anyone touching her bedsheets. She refuses to lie on a massage table. God forbid my saliva would have touched her; she would have erupted. So I didn’t bite Mariah.”
By contrast, Dot enjoys her sessions with Lady Gaga, even though she admits she has never been the biggest fan of her music.
She told Architectural Digest magazine: “I did not really like Lady Gaga’s music. But now I have total respect for her. She used my whole company for a few of her tours.
“She just bought Frank Zappa’s house for $5 million, and he has a massage room. I’m like, ‘You’re smart!’ She will not live without massage.”
Dot also counts Courtney Love, Paris Hilton and Kanye West – who she massaged for two hours in a luxury hotel room in Berlin – among the clients she enjoys spending time with.
She said: “[Courtney is] out of her mind, but she’s fun… [With Paris], everyone else thinks she’s a bitch, but she’s the nicest person you’ll ever meet.
“[Kanye is] cool as hell, believe it or not.”
And Dot flies all over the world to be with her clients, with the weirdest massage she’s ever given being for the members of now-defunct rock band Oasis, which was “on an oblong, marble catering table backstage in Berlin.”
And if the masseuse ever decided to employ any of her famous clients, ‘Roxanne’ hitmaker Sting would be at the top of her list.
She said: “I massaged Sting’s shoulders onstage at Live 8 in London, while he watched The Who. And then he massaged my shoulders! And everyone was like, ‘Who the hell is this chick getting a massage from Sting?’
“His wife Trudie [Styler] was standing right there.
“I told him, ‘If this little music thing doesn’t work out, you should be a masseur.’ He’s strong! He gives the best foot massages in the world. No wonder Trudie stays with him.”

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