Lotan Carter tries to leave Big Brother house

ICONINSIDER — Lotan Carter tried to smash his way out of the ‘Big Brother’ house.
The 28-year-old stripper demanded to leave the famous abode after newcomer Isabelle Warburton mocked his obsession with his former fiancee during a game of Truth or Day, prompting him to violently smash open the emergency exit door in the garden in scenes aired on Saturday (24.06.17).
As he walked away, Ellie Young began to cry while Tom Barber screamed: “No!”
However, Lotan was taken to the Diary Room by security staff and after having the chance to calm down, he decided to return to the house.
Reflecting in the Diary Room, he said: “I couldn’t deal with it any more so I thought f**k it. I smashed the exit door and walked through.”
And Lotan has vowed he’ll now stick out the show until he is evicted.
He said: “Security were right there and then I was let in through the diary room door. And now I’m going to go to bed.
“I am going to do my time the way I intended to. So I will leave when I am asked to leave. I’m not going to leave any time before.
“It just got a bit much and I needed to get the hell away.”
Lotan later admitted to his housemates he struggles to keep his anger contained and urged them to monitor his volatile behaviour and help him stop situations from getting out of hand.
He told the group: “If you see me about to explode, drag me to the diary room.
“I don’t know how to not want to hurt people.”
Earlier in the show, Big Brother had spoken to Lotan about his behaviour during arguments in the house.
But he said:”I’m f**king p***ed off with this bulls**t. I’m not going to create a song and dance about this but if that’s how it’s going to be perceived then I want out.”

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