Lin-Manuel Miranda wants Hamilton return

ICONINSIDER — Lin-Manuel Miranda wants to return to ‘Hamilton’.
The 37-year-old actor-and-composer departed his Broadway musical last summer and though there are no concrete plans for him to reprise his role of Alexander Hamilton when the show opens on London’s West End later this year, he is keen to be a part of the British production at some point.
Explaining how he isn’t officially going to be in the show, he added: “But if the production is the success we hope it is, I’d love to jump in some day . . . even if it’s for a couple of months.”
One of the reasons why the actor is keen to be involved is he, wife Vanessa and their two-year-old son Sebastian “fell in love” with London while he was shooting ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ earlier this year.
He told the Daily Mail newspaper: “It was a wonderful chapter of our life as a family.”
He will attend some rehearsals and previews of the British show; and declared that there was no way he would miss opening night.
And Lin-Manuel – who has been attending ‘Hamilton’ rehearsals and intends to be at the opening night – could also have more reasons to be in London as the publication reports he may also be appearing in a “major TV drama”, though he wouldn’t confirm the reports.
The ‘Moana’ composer previously admitted he felt like a “grandparent” to ‘Hamilton’ after leaving the musical.
He said: “With ‘Hamilton’, it feels like sending your kid off to college. ‘Hamilton’ has all the things it needs to keep going strong, and I feel really lucky to have been in it for a year…
“I feel like the grandparent of ‘Hamilton’ now. I wrote it and there’s nothing for me to do now, really, besides show up, say, ‘Oh my God, you’re all so beautiful’, and cheer.”

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