Kirstie Allsopp is desperate to shrink the size of her feet

ICONINSIDER — Kirstie Allsopp has tried to make her feet look smaller for years.
The 45-year-old television presenter has admitted she has “very big” feet, which are a shoe size eight, and she has admitted she has done all she can in her power to shrink her long limbs, btu has not been successful.
Speaking about her elongated feature, the ‘Location, Location, Location’ host said: “Speaking of feet, mine are very big — a size eight (European size 41/42). I spend a lot of time trying to make my feet look smaller.”
And Kirsty has admitted she has always found it difficult finding “nice girly shoes” to fit her feet even when she was a child.
She added: “I’ve never understood the fashion for ugly footwear. When I was growing up, nice girly shoes weren’t available in my size.
“I am scarred by the ‘Cinderella’ story — bad people having big feet and not getting their man. It’s ridiculous.”
And Kirsty, who has sons Oscar and Bay, is grateful she doesn’t have a daughter to inherit her traits.
She said: “Thank God I don’t have a girl child because she would be guaranteed big feet.”
The British star’s long feet are not the only part of her body she is unhappy with, and regardless of her weight loss she will never wear a pair of trousers because she has claimed her thighs are too short and her waist is “too high”.
Speaking to the Mail Online about her wardrobe dilemmas, she said: “I don’t wear trousers ever, unless I am on the ski slopes. It doesn’t matter how much weight I’ve lost, I don’t suit trousers: I am not long enough in my thighs and my waist is too high.
“I mostly wear shirt dresses … I have an extensive collection.”

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