Kirsten Dunst: Elle Fanning’s like a sister to me

ICONINSIDER — Kirsten Dunst says Elle Fanning is like a “sister” to her.
The ‘Beguiled’ actress has praised her co-star, who she has called her “little soul mate in life”.
She told E! News: “There’s people that you meet that are little soul mates in life, and she’s just like a sister to me.”
And the 35-year-old actress previously referred to herself and Elle as “kindred spirits”.
When asked how she and Elle are different, she said: “There’s definitely a kindred spirit, soul-mate thing that I feel with Elle. But Elle is more confident than I was at 19. Maybe I had more of a people-pleasing thing. Maybe that was the way I grew up, I really don’t know …
“When I have friends or family come visit me on set, I get very self-conscious because they know me so well. And the more Elle and I got to know each other, the more we became friends … So when you have to act in front of your friend you get really self-conscious. And then, add a bunch of inside jokes to that on set and you’re screwed.”
Meanwhile, Elle previously praised Kirsten for acting in all her “favourite movies” and making the “best choices” when it comes to her film roles.
She said: “Well, when I think of all of my favourite movies, Kirsten is in those movies. She just makes the best choices, like ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, which is such an amazing movie. All of the films she’s in are so different, like ‘Melancholia’. I’m so excited for ‘Woodshock’!”

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