Kieron Richardson wants more kids

ICONINSIDER — Kieron Richardson wants to have more children.
The ‘Hollyoaks’ hunk only welcomed his twins – via surrogate mother – into the world with his partner Carl Hyland at the end of last month but he has admitted the pair are already thinking about adding to their brood as they still have some embroyos.
Speaking on ‘This Morning’ on Friday (23.06.17), he said: “We’ve got other embryos we could use in the future and it’s possible we could think about adoption now.”
The 31-year-old actor and his spouse – who got married in 2015 – have just finished shooting their documentary ‘Raised By Queers’.
He explained: “We chose to make the documentary, ‘Raised By Queers’, because we got a lot of negative comments on social media when we revealed we were starting a family. We just wanted to make something that would show how we are raising our kids. The title has shocked people but now it is LGBTQ ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) so we are kind of reclaiming the word. The most iconic show in the 90s was called ‘Queer As Folk’. I’m not offended by it. We’re embracing it. If someone says I’m queer then… yes I am and I’m proud of that.”
Carl added: “For people who have a negative impression about gay parenting, we are in a great position to open their eyes. We spoke to gay couples who raised children in 80s and also spoke to children who were raised by gay parents.
“There is still criticism online but you are going to get that in every walk of life these days. At the end of the day, people will always have their opinions on it.”
However, although they can take the negative comments on the chin, Kieron has admitted he and Carl were left angry over Father’s Day weekend because the baby changing facilities at the restaurant they were dining at were in the ladies’ toilets.
The toilets were then closed temporarily so that they could go in a change their babies Chase and Phoebe’s nappies on the changing apparatus.

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