Kendra Wilkinson Baskett doesn’t want celebrity son

ICONINSIDER — Kendra Wilkinson Baskett was horrified when her son said he wants to “be a celebrity”.
The former ‘Girls Next Door’ star – who is currently appearing in comedic play ‘Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man’ in Las Vegas – thinks seven-year-old Hank IV will grow up to be a successful “athlete” and though she will encourage him and his sister, four-year-old Alijah, to follow their dreams, she wants them to use their talents and have “meaning” in their careers.
Kendra – who is married to former NFL player Hank Baskett – said: I’m telling you right now, [my son] has already been scouted and spotted and seen.
“The reason why I’m working here in Vegas right now is to take him on a trip to Europe to introduce him to real soccer. He will be an athlete, there’s no question about it.
“Whatever he wants to do, he can do, except for [on Tuesday], he goes ‘I want to be a celebrity.’ I’m like, ‘Stop now! Stop! No!’ You need to have some talent, meaning, do what I do on stage and put a different muscle in your brain to use.
“I’ve never seen a greater athlete at seven years old, but at the same time, he’s an old soul. He’s a nerd, he’s an inventor, he loves to invent new things and loves to experiment. So whatever he wants to do, he’ll do. If his dream is to explore Europe and [play] soccer, I’m taking him.”
Though the 32-year-old beauty admitted she wouldn’t be too happy if her daughter wanted to follow in her footsteps and pose for Playboy, she wouldn’t stop her because they live in a “free home” and she just wants her kids to be happy and express themselves in the way they see fit.
She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I won’t sit here and say that I would like that, but if she made a healthy decision and a healthy choice with a healthy mind to want to pose for Playboy… We are a free home, we are a free spirit.
“If that’s your way of wanting to express yourself and who you are, then go ahead and be exactly who you want to be.
“I’m not a person to hold my kids back. If they need to get whatever they need out of it, then go. I’m here to love them and support them and guide them as best as I can, but I’m not going to put any limits to their lives.
“And if that’s the way they’re going to be happy and express who they are, then they can do whatever they want. I’m not here to stop their lives or interfere.”

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