Justin Bieber is a ‘chameleon’

ICONINSIDER — Justin Bieber has been likened to a “chameleon” by songwriter Poo Bear.
The 38-year-old record producer – whose full name is Jason Boyd – has collaborated with the 23-year-old singer on numerous tracks, including ‘Where Are U Now?’ and ‘What Do You Mean?’, and the creative mastermind has praised the Canadian hunk for being able to adapt and sing “any genre” of music.
Speaking to Billboard about the ‘Baby’ hitmaker, he said: “Working with Justin Bieber, I learned that he can literally do any genre – he’s a chameleon. His voice is so flexible that he’s not locked in to one genre and it just shows the world that he can really sing anything.”
Although Bieber has been slammed for forgetting the lyrics to his recent hit ‘Despacito’ during a recent concert, Poo Bear has praised him for belting out the Latin lyrics, which he has claimed is “not easy” for a “pop star” to connect with.
He explained: “We have all these records with different feelings that are basically inspired by different genres. It’s easy to be a pop star but it’s not easy to be connected to a Latin record and pull it off and then to come with a hip-hop song and be accepted in that community.”
And Poo Bear believes Bieber’s “flexibility” and ability to record any type of track proves his diversity and uniqueness as a talented musician.
He said: “I’m glad the world gets to see his flexibility and how diverse he is as an artist.”
Although noone told Bieber to feature on the remix track with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, the golden-haired heartthrob was desperate to appear on the record as soon as he heard the single.
Poo Bear explained: “Then for ‘Despacito’ that also took about 30 to 40 minutes to put the remix together. Nobody told him to do the remix. Justin’s ears are impeccable. He heard the song and wanted to be on it. The song was big already.”

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